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"Jaffa-Magazine" presentation

November, 10th 2007 an evening dedicated to "Jaffa-Magazine" & Latvia

Jaffa Magazine is an independent magazine from Riga, Latvia. It is daring to be different from Latvian mainstream magazines, still ensuring high print and design quality standards.

Cover last issue - Nr.7
Cover last issue - Nr.7

Although Jaffa Magazine has a core team, it can be also seen as a platform for experimentation and original ideas, which are contributed by different authors, thus creating a rather unique blend of contents and graphic design.

So far Jaffa Magazine has got seven limited issues. The previous issues have come out irregularly — from time to time — but since now it is planned to have four issues per year. In spite of the fact that Jaffa Magazine has grown up and become more professional, for the people, who are involved in its creation, working on the magazine is still more like an adventure than doing a serious commercial business.

There is some special story behind each issue.

contents & history here

Creative contributors wanted :

If you feel like a talented graphic designer / journalist / writer or you just have simply original ideas…..

Contributors wanted
Contributors wanted

Evening Program :

  • 18h30 Latvian movie : “Bet tā stunda nāk" / "But the hour is near" by Juris Poskus
  • 20h00 Latvian electronic listening music set
  • 21h00 "Jaffa-Magazine" presentation
  • 21h15 Dance-set by DJ Hencha (LV)


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