LX5 goes Radio ARA


"Bloe Baaschtert" 3 sept. 07

live-stream , www.ara.lu , www.myspace.com/bloebaaschtert

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rétrospective des évènements écoulées tels que :

le programme de LX5 et ses partenaires dans le hall des soufflantes à Esch-Belval en septembre-octobre 2007 :

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  • The Berlin Calvados (Acoustic, Alternative) myspace

…a project by Fiorucci Andrea & Reuter Elke.

Back in 2004 the singer Rocco Russo (LOW DENSITY CORPORATION) meets Andrea Fiorucci who plays guitar in a band called MYEIN. Andrea prefers at that time the sound of big distorted guitars alternated with soft arpeggios, all mixed up with unctuous, funky rhythms but he also thinks about doing some home project using the computer and the sounds of keyboards.

Rocco Russo and Andrea Fiorucci continue discussing about doing eventually a b-side project together.

Andrea begins recording a few ideas in Paris during 2005 but finally the project (which name will probably be BERLIN CALVADOS) and the demos of Andrea Fiorucci are put on a www.stagefm.com for free because the lack of time severs the two friends.

The musicians of MYEIN rename their project MEDLEYJUKEBOX. They become a kind of Mahavishnu Orchestra from Luxembourg trying to mix up all kind of music. Andrea gets also a little attention with his solo-project (DUMBO WAS A PONACOLADA) but he still hopes to restart the computer-project…

At the beginning of 2007 he meets Reuter Elke, a young woman who manages the piano and the singing. The project starts again. BERLIN CALVADOS is born. (Rocco Russo –unfortunately- cannot participate to the writing but proposes his help on eventually guest- appearance.)

The first song “Tears like mine” wins the Song for diversity contest. The first album is planned for end 2007