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"AKCE !"

Czech-Luxembourgish exchange exhibition from november 3rd to 15th, november 2007

"nic není černobílé" - "Naischt ass Schwarz/waiss"

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Flyer finissage
Flyer finissage

Foregoing subhead – „nothing is black and white“ – is in Luxembourgish and when You translate it into Czech language it looks this way : "nic není černobílé". It is the concept of Czech-Luxembourgish cultural exchange called AKCE ! which is gonna be presented at LX5-Homebase, and the meaning of it may make someone feel that as a concept for an exhibition it is too general. The reason was not to make the concept too limitative because there is another task for participating artists : to create all their artwork… paradoxically… only in the black and white colour pallette. Thus with the concept narrowing the broadness of the theme the artists would have their hands bound too much.

That nothing in life is only black and white is a good old saying but maybe it should be mentioned here what exactly we want to say with it. Artwork we would like to show during AKCE ! should somehow express the idea that nothing is as it seems to be ; that every phenomenon, situation or person has some hidden aspects that can be important and even more valuable than the outside husk we see when we bypass them in the streets. Sometimes the outside husk is in a conflict with the inside and this inner conflict we would like to express and stress with the black-and-white design.


Japanese zen koans (buddhist short stories or poems) make very good example of living paradox because they are sometimes also difficult to understand. They are mentioned here because three of them participate in the exhibition as a graphic, namely the comics.

Graphical style would be represented also by the brilliant artworks of Jakub „Máslo“. His graphics were used mainly as posters and/or flyers for Czech underground tekkno events. He works as a graphic designer.

Luxembourgish painter Simone Schwartz is interested in hidden aspects of men and things, and also her style is not exactly straightforward.

Photographic set by different authors makes the big part of the exhibition. Those are mainly the photographers from Institition of Photography by Silesian University in Opava : Jan Dyntera and Lenka Reiterová. Normally, they make their pictures in colour following contemporary trend in photoraphy but they will try to „step over their own shadow“ – as we say in Czech – preparing something in black-and-white style. Maybe they will be forced to look into their archive but it doesn’t matter because what is most important is the wholeliness or integrity of the exhibition. The works should interact with each other so sometimes it might be wiser to contribute with something older. Because, if there is a possibility that the piece resonates with the others they would lend it something new and therefore refresh it, return its former prime to it.

David Kumermann will contribute with his black-and-white documentary photographs of Gypsy ghettos in Czech Republic. The situation of Gypsies in Czech Republic is certainly not black and white. The society creates many problems and than tries to solve them. David shows people the results.

The concept that nothing in life is black and white will also dominate the opening… what about to call it a party, maybe a vernissage ? There is gonna be live music set presented consisting of Czech reggae band 3x-t and of Luxembourgish DJs MeltingPol and Sharpshooter. They are all white people playing black music so it is clear that nothing is as clear as it seems to be. The live performance of the band will be accopmanied with black-and-white animated projection created by jarka koudelka, the bassplayer and the back vocalist of 3x-t band.

The exhibition called AKCE !@LX5homebase attempts to bring the Czech culture together with the Luxembourgish one and to create an opportunity for communication so the both sides could learn from each other, could find the common language and of course the inspiration…

artists list :

Photo : Jordi Guasti
Photo : Jordi Guasti

music performances during vernissage on november, 3rd :

Detail Exhibition
Detail Exhibition


Flyer Photo : Jordi Guasti Detail Exhibition Flyer finissage Espace LX5 Graphics by "Maslo" "3X-T" au vernissage "3X-T" au vernissage "3X-T" au vernissage "Laser" by $oda Installation by "Simone Schwartz" Painting by "Simone Schwartz" Installation by "Lenka Reiterova" Detail Installation by "Lenka Reiterova" Exhibition view some rehearsal Mistr. Dzosu by "Jaroslava Kocova"

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